Classic Line Menü Mobil Universal

Code: DSCF6230

Menü Mobil Universal is consisting of

66000 Upper Part
77710 Lower Part
N7770 Slide Lock

Measurement upper part: 395 x 310 x 50mm
Measurement lower part: 530 x 370 x 55mm

Color: Grey
Product Features: The compact transport system - especially for "Meals on Wheels", served appetizing, hygienic and on a high qualitative niveau. Hot stays hot, chilled stays chilled. The ideal compact tray system for hospitals, especially with long, uneven or steep transport paths.

Also for "Meals on Wheels" especially popular with additional baked goods or fruit. In use all over the world! With MenüMobil Universal you can, in addition to soup, main course and dessert/salad, also serve fruit and rolls. The extended shelf can also hold cutlery. An aesthetic, transparent cover permits pleasant viewing of contents at any time. Particularly well suited for long, steep or bumpy transport routes.


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