Corrugated Anaesthetic Breathing Circuits - Disposable (Adult)

Code: DR2015
Length=1.5m (60") 

Code: DR2018
Length=1.8m (72")

Consisting of:

A. 22mm M to 22mm F Adaptors (PP)

B. 22mm ID Natural Disposable Corrugated Tubing (PP)

C. Fixed 'Y' M/M/M Adaptor (PP)

D. 22mm ID Disposable Corrugated Tubing (PP)

E. 22mm M/M Adaptor (PP)

F. 2 Litre Latex Free Disposable Rebreathing Bag (CP)

G. Disposable Elbow 15mm M to 22mm M/15mm F with Luer Port (PP)

Packing Size: 20/bx

Anaesthetic Breathing Circuits


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